• What is an Affiliate?

    An Affiliate is a partner of PsychicOz.com. An Affiliate earns a share in our profits based on the revenue we earn from customers that they’ve referred to us. We provide each Affiliate with resources and marketing materials so they can reach high conversion rates through promoting PsychicOz.com. Our Affiliate Marketing Managers work with each Affiliate to maximize Affiliates’ revenues, and to assist them in any way needed.

  • How can I become an Affiliate with PsychicOz.com?

    It’s easy! Click here to sign up to become an Affiliate with PsychicOz. The process will only take a few minutes. After your registration is accepted, you’ll be able to immediately begin using our marketing materials on your website to refer your customers to PsychicOz.com.

  • Are there pay-per-click advertising restrictions?

    You’re allowed use any keyword for pay-per-click advertising on any network except for our brand name, “PsychicOz” and “PsychicOz.com”. Use of “PsychicOz” or “PsychicOz.com” as a meta keyword is allowed.

  • What will I be charged to become an Affiliate with PsychicOz.com?

    There’s no cost to you to become an Affiliate with PsychicOz.com. We don’t charge a set-up fee or ongoing account charges. You’ll be able to generate more income from your site simply by adding the PsychicOz.com marketing components you choose.

  • How much are Affiliates of PsychicOz.com allowed to earn?

    We don’t limit Affiliates’ income! PsychicOz.com doesn’t cap how much our Affiliates earn by sending customers our way. Affiliates are paid a flat rate of $150 for each new paying customer directed to us. 

  • How often are Affiliates paid?

    We pay out Affiliate commissions every month!

  • What is the minimum amount payable to Affiliates?

    Our minimum payout allowed is $150. You must earn at least $150 to be paid in any given month.

  • Do you have registration requirements for PsychicOz.com Affiliates?

    All you need is a website and a valid email for payment purposes to become a PsychicOz.com Affiliate!

  • Must PsychicOz.com Affiliates live in the US?

    No! There is no residency requirement to become a PsychicOz.com Affiliate. We have Affiliates all around the world!

  • Can I send visitors to a certain page on PsychicOz.com?

    Yes. Use the text link in your marketing materials to direct your customers to a certain PsychicOz.com page or to a psychic’s profile page.

  • I have more than one website. Must I set up more than one Affiliate account?

    No. Please use just one Affiliate account, even if you’re referring customers and visitors from multiple sites of yours.

  • I have more than one email address, so may I send emails from more than one address to promote PsychicOz.com?

    No. We do not allow spam, and we don’t advocate such practices. Don’t spam others in promotion of our site. If your own customers and visitors agreed to receive your emails, and you want to recommend our services to them, you’re allowed to send them occasional email. But please consult with an Affiliate Marketing Manager before launching any coordinated large-scale email promotion.

  • Do our target markets match?

    If your target demographic is well-educated professionals age 25 to 55 who are employed outside the home, either male or female, then we serve the same customers. All of them have doubts and questions about love, relationships, romance and their professional lives.

  • Does PsychicOz.com prevent Affiliates from linking to other websites?

    No! PsychicOz.com places no restrictions on the content on Affiliates’ sites. Note that you will reach the optimal conversion rate by prominently featuring promotional elements.

  • What is spam according to PsychicOz.com?

    Spam is the abuse of electronic message systems for sending unsolicited or undesired messages in bulk. The most common form of spam is sent via email. PsychicOz.com Affiliates must agree not to perform such actions.

  • What rules apply to your $150 commission/cost-per-acquisition plan?

    Visitors sent by Affiliates with our cost-per-acquisition (CPA) plan must spend at least $101 on our site to qualify the Affiliate to receive their $150 commission. That visitor must also be a new client to PsychicOz.com.

  • What payment options does PsychicOz.com offer?

    We currently can only pay Affiliates via PayPal. Each Affiliate must provide an email that qualifies for PayPal to receive payment.

  • Why haven’t I been paid?

    Confirm that your account information is current and correct, then contact us via support ticket so we can track your payment. Earnings for each payment period are sent when Affiliates reach each payment period’s minimum payment amount for that pay period.

  • When do Affiliates get paid?

    Payments are made on the 15th day of the month after the referral was made.

  • Can I track earnings?

    Yes! Just log into your Affiliate account. Click on the “Reports” button, then on the “Commissions” tab.

  • What is the Privacy Policy of PsychicOz.com?

    At registration we require information such as name, mailing address, banking information, email address, etc. from our Affiliates. Affiliates must confirm their email address during the registration process. We keep those email addresses, as well as other information provided, strictly confidential. We will not sell information or give it to other companies or to any other third party. 

  • What marketing materials does PsychicOz.com provide to Affiliates?

    PsychicOz.com offers our Affiliates a wide array of marketing materials, including banners and link codes. We’re constantly expanding our array of marketing materials available. Please check back often to peruse our new releases, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have new ideas!

  • Do you specify where PsychicOz.com Affiliate ads have to be located?

    No. We have no requirements on placement of our ads. But to earn as much as possible, it’s recommended to prominently feature marketing tools on your site. For further advice, use a support ticket to connect with an Affiliate Marketing Manager to work with you and find your optimal solution.

  • Can you place my banners or links on PsychicOz.com?

    No. PsychicOz.com does not display ads on our site, so we don’t offer a reciprocal placement program to Affiliates.

  • I have a new idea regarding a way to increase my income as an Affiliate. Is there someone I talk to?

    Yes! We’re always open to your ideas! Send an email or submit a support ticket to an Affiliate Marketing Manager asking for help in implementing your idea.

  • Where can I get assistance?

    It’s easy! Please just use this contact form.